Trade Managed Accounts?

Managed accounts are the new reality for alternative investment managers who want large allocations. Managed accounts mean block trades, fill price allocation, multiple clearing relationships, give-up reporting, additional counter-parties, and additional complications trading a fund does not have.

Your Backoffice as a differentiator

The ironic thing about a CTA is they are selling one of the most basic of commodities; Risk Adjusted Returns. There is no difference between a risk adjusted return of 10% from advisor A and a risk adjusted return of 10% from advisor B. What differentiates advisors are the intangibles such as how clients are handled when the returns are not there.

Why Advisors Choose TheBooks®

We surveyed our customers to identify the reasons why firms use TheBooks as the core of their operating software environment. Find out what they had to say.

TheBooks Application Summary

Unlike a traditional accounting system, TheBooks® has been designed with the trader in mind. Rather than being built independent of trading, TheBooks integrates accounting and performance reporting into the trading process.

TheBooks includes the following components

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