TheBooks® - Cover to Cover Capabilities

TheBooks® provides modules that manage trading, counter-party notification, position management, order generation, reconciliation, trade accounting, performance and risk management as well as data management.

These modules work together as an integrated solution or in some cases, separately, providing the level of automation required by the advisor. Configurability, extensibility, and scalability are key attributes of TheBooks.

Because no two advisors are exactly alike, TheBooks® comes complete with all modules. Which modules are used and how they operate is up to you. External systems such as order generators and other trade entry applications can be easily integrated using TheBooks ActiveX API. Because TheBooks uses Microsoft’s SQL Server™ as its database, any application that can read an ODBC data source can be used to write customized reports. Unlike a traditional accounting system, TheBooks has been designed with the trader in mind. Rather than being built independent of trading, TheBooks integrates accounting and performance reporting into the trading process.

Reports are available in a wide range of formats including PDF, Excel®, Word®, HTML, and raw data. All reports are delivered via a web browser or can be emailed on demand or on a scheduler providing easy distribution of reports inside or outside your organization

Components included with TheBooks

Order Management

Manages the trading and counterparty activity notification process. It handles all the automation and communication associated with creating, placing, filling, and reporting trades and integrates with all of the popular execution platforms.


Reconciles your accounts with your clearing brokers. It quickly and automatically reconciles trade confirmations, open positions, trading commissions, and cash balances. It tracks open trade breaks and prepares and sends break sheets to your brokers.

Position Management

Performs real-time trade matching, ensuring that you always know your positions. It can produce roll trades, exit trades, and reversals. Trades for account opens, closes, additions, and redemptions can also be produced. If you trade multiple systems, it will maintain positions by system as well.

Trade Accounting

A multi-currency accounting engine tailored to the accounting and reporting requirements of the advisor with managed accounts. It handles commission and fee accruals and charging. Management fees, incentive fees, and interest accruals are formula-based.

Performance Reporting

Povides real-time, intra-day performance and risk reporting, valued on the tick, historic reporting as well as standard performance tables. All reports are delivered via a web-browser interface or can be automatically emailed.

Risk Management

Value at Risk, Scenario analysis, and exposure with graphical and numeric displays along with the ability to transfer the data to products like Excel for furthur anaysis. Both the current portfolio and one with hypothetical modifications can be evaluated.

Data Manager

Provides a repository of market price data for research and order generation purposes. It integrates data from a wide range of vendors into a single, consistent format. Combined with flexible continuous contract building and an automatic daily data downloader, the Data Manager is the tool for the systematic trader.

Execution Gateway

Extends the Trading Desk concept in TheBooks and allows the routing of trades directly to exchanges for execution or trading platforms for further management. It also provides FIX-drop trade capture capability.

Price Manager

Provides interfaces for obtaining both real-time as well as end-of-day prices from a wide variety of data vendors. Real-time prices can be obtained from DTN and CQG. End of day prices can be obtained from DTN, CQG, CSI, Yahoo, any Excel spreadsheet, text files, and your brokerage statements.

Programming Interface

Programmatic access to TheBooks allowing seamless integration with order generators, reporting tools, and other applications



Straight-Through Processing

Integrated components eliminate redundant data and data entry.  Automatic processing from trade receipt through accounting and performance attribution.


Fully Traceable and Auditable Processes

Trading and accounting updates are perminately timestamped and logged providing full tracability into who did what when.


More Accounts, More Relationships, Less Effort

Increase accounts, markets, brokers, and trading systems without increasing effort.  Fully integrated and automated processing removed the need for full time back and middle office staff and supports scaling the business without additional staff.


Reduced Risk

Automatically maintains positions and provides real-time valuations ensures portfolio value and performance is always available.  Codified operation reduces effects of the key man syndrome.


Improved Transparency

Deliver the data and reports in the format desired, using the delivery method required, and in the format desired by your clients and trading partners.


Robust, scalable platform

A client server design, based on Microsoft's SQL Server™ database allows TheBooks to scale to the largest advisor’s operation while being managable for advisors of any size.


Instruments Supported

Futures, FX, Forwards, Equities, Options on Futures, Options on Equities, OTC Currency Options, Cash Swaps, Options on Cash Swaps, Calendar Spread Options, Electricity and other Power contracts.



Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Business/Ultimate, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, x32 and x64 versions.


Microsoft Certified

TheBooks has passed Microsoft's platform tests for SQL Server, Windows Client, and Windows Server so you can be assured it meets the highest standards.

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