Position Management

The Position Management module of TheBooks performs real-time trade matching to ensure you always know your positions. It can produce roll trades, exit trades, and reversals. Trades for account opens, closes, additions, and redemptions can also be produced. If you trade multiple systems (strategies), it will maintain positions by system as well.

Maintaining Positions

Allocations are received from the Order Management module of TheBooks and are matched with existing positions. For traders that trade multiple systems, positions for the systems involved in the trade are also matched. The matching is done on every trade, rather than at end of day, ensuring that your positions are always accurate.

Current and historic activity

The Position Management module of TheBooks tracks trading activity and updates positions as you trade. Because it retains a historical record of all of your trading activity, you can always go back to a previous trading day and review trade confirmations, P&S activity, and open positions.

Information can be displayed by clearing FCM, account group, trading system, or by account.

Adjusting for fill price changes is simply a matter of double-clicking on the trade and changing the price - the Position Management module automatically re-matches the trade and all affected positions to the current date, ensuring that all positions and P&L changes are correctly recorded. 

Mark to market

The Position Management module includes an interface to real-time data feeds such as DTN and CQG for marking positions to market. In addition to the price data directly available from the data feed, the interface also supports forward price calculations (for currencies and metals) as well as option valuations.

Trade Preparation

The Position Management module of TheBooks provides the tools to produce trades that are based on your existing positions, automating the preparation of Roll Trades, Exit Trades, and Reversals. It can also produce the trades to open or close an account as well as those required for additions and redemptions. Trades can be produced by system or based on the net of all systems - greatly simplifying the process of managing multiple trading systems. In addition, trades can be produced for one account, or for a group of accounts.

Trades prepared by the Position Management module are automatically entered into the Order Management module - minimizing data entry requirements and the chance for errors.